Give Chakrii a second chance!

Chakrii* is 17 years old and comes from one of the hill tribes in Northern Thailand. He has been out of contact with his family, and grew up in a social service organisation. He started living on the streets of Chiang Mai when he was a child.

He makes his livelihood through transporting flowers in a local market, and was involved in selling sexual services In Chiang Mai’s red light district. Four years ago, he first came to Urban Light, the only organisation in Chiang Mai which takes care of boys from Chiang Mai’s sex industry.

Even though illegal, prostitution of minors continues to exist in Thailand. Many of the boys in Chiang Mai’s red light district come from the hill tribe villages in the North of Thailand. Most of the boys offer their services in bars located in Chiang Mai’s red light district. Many bar owners however drive the boys into drug dependence in order to tie them to the sex industry. Loans are given to the boys for the same purpose. Thus, the bar owners create a financial and psychological dependence which is difficult for the boys to escape.

When the boys are older and “less desirable” some start to recruit younger boys themselves. Even though most of the boys are not physically forced to prostitute themselves, they are introduced to the environment with the exertion of power and manipulation.

Read our blog article to learn more about Urban Light and Chiang Mai’s sex industry.

Since coming to Urban Light, Chakrii has left the sex industry, but is still homeless. It is difficult for him to find employment, as he is “stateless” which means that he has not the Thai citizenship. Thailand’s hill tribe people are not entitled to the Thai passport. Even though, many have been living in Thailand for several generations, they are not considered Thai citizens, and do not benefit from social advantages like health care and education.

Chakrii has shown the will to change his life for better. However, living on the streets and lacking education, it is difficult for him to find a job, and to pay for an apartment and classes which would allow him to enter university. There is a risk that Chakrii, despite his good will, falls back into prostitution and criminality if he is not supported in his ambitions.

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With Omakua we want to pay for an apartment for Chakrii for at least a year, starting in January 2016. We will work with Urban Light which has a housing programme for homeless boys.

The goal is not only to give Chakrii a save shelter, away from the violence on the street. Chakrii will be taken care of by Urban Light. Urban Light will supervise his progress, motivate him and find solutions for his future life. Chakrii is an ambitious boy. He has stopped smoking and drinking, and has received informal schooling (GED). He wants to study in university and will take classes to get the high school diploma.

We need a total of 1,880 US dollars (1740 euros) to support Chakrii for one year. This includes the rent for a small studio, basic furniture and extra money for food. The project will be online for one year, as Omakua makes monthly payment. See budget details here.

Help Chakrii to change his life. He is a young boy with ambitions and dreams. He only needs a little support to get his life together.

* alias name to protect the boy’s identity


We have collected 510€ of our 1,740€ target. It is 29.31% of our goal for the Give Chakrii a second chance campaign


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