The Team



I have discovered my passion for travelling when I was 15 during a two weeks school trip to Mauritania. Since this experience I have taken every opportunity to go abroad.

For more than ten years I have been an active member of the German association Friends of Mauritania. Work experiences in a local NGO in Nouakchott and at the German embassy in Yaounde, as well as a long trip through Latin America, convinced me that I want to work in the humanitarian field.

Born in Germany, I have studied languages and politics in France. Thanks to my Master in International Relations with specialization in international and non-governmental organization I have acquired theoretical and practical knowledge about the humanitarian work.


Lisa writes the articles for the blog. She is also responsible of the communication with other organisations, donors and people interested in Omakua’s work. Send her an email: [email protected]


Just like Lisa I have been travelling for a couple of years now. I had the opportunity to visit multiple countries, but I have a particular passion for Asia.

I have been member of a couple of big NGOs: Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, WWF etc. But I have also worked with small scale associations which are notably active in Africa.

After my first trip to Asia in 2006, I have been impressed by the marks of the Tsunami and the people I met. This is when I got the first ideas of how I could contribute. Finally, it was my trip to Latin America in 2013 and the people I met there that completely convinced me that I want to work in the humanitarian field.

After three years of heading a digital communication agency with my associate, I am a freelancer today.


Lesly is the founder of Omakua. He takes care of the technical questions of the website, and writes articles. Send him an email: [email protected]

Where are we?

We are currently in Hanoi, Vietnam.
You can read our articles about Hanoi here.